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          2-Methoxynaphthalene (Yara...

        350 kilometers to Shanghai
        350 kilometers to Nanjing

        There is 90 kilometers from Binhai to Yancheng Station
        It takes 70 minutes by car
        By 2011, the Yancheng-Lianyungang railway passed through the development zone will be open
        The coastal high-speed railway under construction goes across the region and it will be soon completed.

        There is 90 kilometers from Binhai to Yancheng intemational airport it takes 70 minutes by car

        Water transportation
        We have 12 km bank line along Zhongshan river and three 500 tons logistics transportation terminals According to the development plan, a 100,000 tone shipping channel and terminal will be built in Binhai port, which is 7.5 km far from the industrial zone Besides a 100 000 tons transport of chemicals and two 100 000 tons container transport terminals will be built at the first phase.

            Yancheng City Donggang Pharmaceutical Development Co., Ltd.

        ADD: Binhai Coastal Industrial Park, Yancheng City,
                  Jiangsu Province, China

        P.C.: 224555
          TEL: +86-515-84383198   +86-13961788586
          FAX: +86-515-84383197
          E-MAIL: dgp@dgpharm.com
          URL: http://www.park-sihoo.com
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