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          2-Methoxynaphthalene (Yara...

        Donggang Pharmaceutical is engaged in the pursuit for the happiness of the whole staff, provides career homeland for the employees, helps the customer to achieve the goal, makes contributions to the local and society. It will implement the constant commitment of permanent protection of the environment, create vigorous enterprise and realize the maximum social value of the enterprise. The president Mr. Ge Xiaorong inherits the creed of "in time of poverty, improve his own self-cultivation and in time of prosperousness, benefit the world", practices what he preaches and facilitate the charities. The "Donggang fund for students" was established in 2008 by the suggestion of Mr. Ge Xiaorong and it provides nonremunerative aid to the poor students. Just inspired by this conception have the Donggang people cherished the gratefulness to face the achieved results and social trust for many years. Donggang people continuously meet the challenge and repay the old & new customers and social public with better development and comprehensive service, because Donggang people believe the following: the development of Donggang is the continuous contribution process, only when we continuously contribute can we
        continuously develop.

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